Welcome to First Step Virtual Assistant.

I'm Anne Clark, Business + Life Coach and Virtual Assistant.

I work behind the scenes supporting entrepreneurs in their business, focusing on streamlining and implementing processes. Having a strong background in online content management, I focus primarily on social marketing (social media), blogging, website support and newsletters. However, my services and skill set are not limited there!

If you are looking for a team member, strategist, forward planner and a 'Anne of all trades', then I would love to chat to you.



Creating your social marketing strategy, to graphic designs and day to day posting and monitoring. 

Do you want to establish an online business or needing clarification and accountability. As a Business Coach I can help you.

Keep your audience with regular blogs. Don't have time to write them yourself. Have me write them for you.

Have you branded newsletter created, or your regular newsletters put together on your behalf. 

A business tool you can't afford to be without. I love this product so much, I became a consultant. 

Want to learn how to manage your own MailChimp? Click through to learn more about my workshops.

A MailChimp expert, I can help you set up your MailChimp to meet your business and  branding needs.

You are ready to take your business to the next level and bring a Virtual Assistant into your team.

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