Your #1 budget strategy for 2017 when outsourcing

One of the most common things business owners express when working with virtual businesses is budget and keeping on top of their funds, due to limitations for various reasons.

Here is a strategy you can use to help keep yourself in check when working with virtual businesses, especially if you’re looking for the long term team member.

Simple, batch your requirements.

You have decided you want to hire a virtual business for one of the following reasons:

  • You need to focus your time and energy else
  • You don’t want to do the workload anymore
  • You are expanding your business
  • You need someone with the expertise

Whatever your reasons are, rather than making the same short term decisions, start thinking strategically, long term.

When you find a virtual business that meets your needs, don’t just think of them doing what you need now. Think of what you need longer term.

Tasks such as:fsva-blog-templates

  • Blog writing
  • Newsletters
  • Administration
  • Social Media


Think about the longer term commitment.

For example.

You decided you need to hire a virtual assistant to write your blogs.  You are writing 1 blog a week, or perhaps 2 a month.

Ask your virtual assistant for their standard price per blog.

Now, work out how many blogs you need done over a 3, 6 or 12 months period.

Work out the overall cost, divide it by your months you are committing too.


Ask what kind of deal your virtual assistant can do for you if you commit to working with them for 3, 6 or 12 months. The longer term.

A virtual assistant wants to be part of a team as much as you want one as part of your team. So strategically thinking long term is beneficial to both parties.

This bring many benefits;

  • Your task is being taken care off
  • Your working strategically long term not short term
  • You know your budget requirements for this job
  • No unexpected costs
  • You have regular completed work arriving by your due dates
  • You have someone you can rely on and love to work with
  • Your VA is happy to have the long term work too

Things you should be mindful off

  • Make sure a contract is drawn up to cover this agreement, and what both parties are responsible for should things go wrong
  • Make sure you touch base with your virtual business before deadlines are due to make sure they’re on time
  • What processes are in place if things go wrong. You may consider hiring 2 VA’s to do the one role, but split the work. This way if one doesn’t deliver the other can pick up the slack and you’re not left pulling your hair out.
  • Make sure you clearly outline your expectations of them, and also their expectations of you.
  • Outline how like to work.
  • Establish communication guidelines on when you want updates on projects or deadlines to be received.

The best part about using this strategy, it means you are finally getting ahead of the game and working in your business where you’re meant to be and still delivering all your other requirements.

Give it a go!





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Anne Clark, a Virtual Assistant and online strategist. Anne guides and supports business women in their online content management (websites, social media, newsletters and blogging), and is a MailChimp and Evernote expert. Anne, is an owner of multiple businesses, and a mother of 3 young children knows too well the importance of being able to seamlessly manage and maintain a business and life. Anne is so excited to be able to combine her business expertise and life coaching skills to work with her clients to get the results they desire.

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