5 key items to include in your sponsorship proposal

Running a workshop or an event and wanting to seek sponsors. Here are 5 key items to include in your sponsorship proposal.

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”
Zig Ziglar

Exposure for their business

Bringing a sponsor on board you want to outline what exposure you’re going to create for their business.

This can include;

  • Social media posts – how often and where
  • Signage on the day
  • Website Exposure – a designated page to ‘Partners or Sponsors’
  • Logos on apparel


Enjoy the experience

If you have a premium sponsor on board, be giving and offer them a number of free passes as part of the package to your event. Allow them to enjoy it and be in the moment. You are most likely to have them coming back the following year! 


Press Release

Create a press release regarding your event and send it to all publication. Let your sponsors know where you will be potentially marketing your event, so they can see the potential audience exposure.  This can also include if you will be running paid social media ad campaigns.


Promotional Material

If you are handing out flyers for your event, include your sponsors logo on the back or front, depending on how you’re sponsorship is set up. Tell them how many you’ll be printing and where these are going to be distributed.


Build up campaign

Outline when you’ll be running your marketing campaign in the lead up to the actual event day, and if there are any other events or occasions you’ll be cross promoting them at.  Include your newsletter marketing, and ask they cross promote it too. This is extra exposure for your business, but gives them a chance to tell their community how awesome they are being involved in the event.


And don’t forget….

Create a special hashtag for your event and encourage ALL participants and sponsors to use it. This gives you a potential banks of content to share across your social media and newsletters, it enables sponsors to gain further exposure and encourages your audience to interact with both your event and the sponsors. 


When putting your proposal together, make sure you have a timeline of when things are running in the lead up, so sponsors know what parameters they have to work within. 

Don’t be afraid to ask your sponsor if there is anything else they’d like included in their sponsorship proposal. They might have amazing suggestions that help lift your event profile.


WORKSHOP WONDERFUL – Jade McKenzie from Eventhead is running a fantastic course called “Workshop Wonderful“, which teaches you everything you need to know about running a successful event/workshop. Including sponsorship. Don’t hold yourself back anymore, it’s time to shine!


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