A BUSINESS MUST building your mailing list

Many business owners often ask ‘Why is it so important to build a mailing list?’ If you want your business to grow, then building your mailing list is vital. You can’t rely on external platforms, and having your own mailing list is your and yours alone. It is also a great way to gently remind your clients you’re there.

Using Social Media

You can NOT rely on your social media platforms as your main streamline to engage with customers and make sales. Adding t your mix is a great tool, however it should be your main tool. What happens if you had a large community on Facebook and for one reason or another, your page was their closed down or Facebook altogether no longer existed. Where have your audience gone? Once upon a time, My Space was the place to be, and now whose using it?

Even today we have seen a slight shift from Facebook with the introduction of Instagram, Periscope and SnapChat. What will be tomorrow’s new social media?

Social media is an ever growing and changing space.

Your social strategy should be to connect with your customers and entice them head to your website for potential sale conversions and to join your mailing list so they never miss your awesomeness again.

Creating an opt-in

Have something your target audience wants for free, is pretty much the fundamentals of what an opt-in is. For example, on my website given I’m a virtual assistant my opt-in is a free email series explaining all about what a virtual assistant is, what you need to do to prepare your business for working with one and how you can hire the right virtual assistant to you.

Having an opt-in isn’t just enough. You want to have it featuring on several locations on your website.

One of my favourite tools is PopUp Ally. There are variations you can set it up to do. It’s really easy and one of my favourite business tools. You can even have multiple pop ups (under the professional version) on various pages. Find out more about it here

Did you know NOT having a pop up sees over 50% of your visitors leaving and possibly never coming back. Why not consider utilizing this awesome tool and have them pop onto your mailing list!

You know how most websites these days have really annoying popups that are rude and interrupt you when you’re reading a web page? Well, there’s a reason these website owners use these.

They work.

Sad, but true.

Even though popups annoy people, they still get a percentage of people who wouldn’t have opted in otherwise to join your list.

The co–founder of HelloBar, CrazyEgg, and KISSMetrics (Neil Patel) says, “Pop–ups collect more emails than any other tactic.”

Showing your expertise

1Your target audience want to know you’re an expert and will sign up for your newsletters once they see how valuable you are and don’t want to miss out on your words of wisdom. So blogging consistently is a great way to show what you’re an expert in.

In addition to blogging, you might consider running workshops or live speaking gigs. When people meet you or hear you speak, in today’s world they will go and check you out in the online world too. This is likely to see your sign ups increase too.

Still not sure how to build your mailing list?

Never fear, help is here! I am a business strategist. I can help you look at creating avenue to build your mailing list. Check out my coaching package and lets start building today.


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Anne Clark, a Virtual Assistant and online strategist. Anne guides and supports business women in their online content management (websites, social media, newsletters and blogging), and is a MailChimp and Evernote expert. Anne, is an owner of multiple businesses, and a mother of 3 young children knows too well the importance of being able to seamlessly manage and maintain a business and life. Anne is so excited to be able to combine her business expertise and life coaching skills to work with her clients to get the results they desire.

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