How To Set A Up Facebook Ads using Facebook’s Lead Generations

Facebook Ads are used by business to help build they mailing list or sell products/services. More often than not, businesses create landing pages, set up their ads to get their target audience to their landing page, hoping they’ll sign up. The only catch with this is, you’re sending visitors away from Facebook.

In my experience, Facebook hasn’t been favourable with audience reach and if you’re landing pages is captivating to make people give you their details.

Using Facebook’s Lead Generations, which is like a lead form is more beneficial and see you reach a great audience. The additional benefit is that Facebook automatically fills in the details for the users, which most are using mobile devices and it’s not always easy to type info in. The less work for the user the better!

To help you set up your Facebook Lead Generations, I have compile instructions to help you along the way.

How To Set Up Your Lead Generation Campaign

  1. Click on Ads Manager
  2. Click on Lead Generation (in second column umder Consideration)
  3. Name your Campaign

  4. Name your Ad Set

  5. Choose your Facebook page
  6. Select Catalog (optional)
  7. Define your audience
    ** TIP // If you know of a Facebook that has a large following and targets your ideal client too, you can type their name in ‘Detailed Targetting’ and target their audience.
  8. Placement – Click on Edit Placements, so you can then choose the locations you want your ad to appear, eg: Facebook, Instagram, both.
  9. Budget & Schedule
    Set your daily budget, or total project budget.
  10. Create your ad content.
  11. Set up your leadform
    a) Name your form

    b) Intro – add your introduction information for your target audience

    c) Questions – tick the content you need from your audience eg: name, email.

    d) Custom Questions – If you need to ask a specific question, you can do so here.

    e) Privacy Policy – You can add your website privacy policy here.

    f) Thank you screen – adding a thank you message and giving your audience the direct link to what they’re signing up for, or what they can expect next.
  1. Then publish ad, for Facebook to review and make live.

Link Your LeadForm to Your CRM Account

For this example I’m using MailChimp

  1. Go to your Facebook Business Page
  2. Click on Publishing Tools

  3. On the left hand side menu,you’ll see Lead Ads Forms
  4. Click on Leads Setup
  5. In the box Connect to CRM now to start seeing leads in real time, start typing in MailChimp
  6. Connect to MailChimp.
  7. Link your Lead Ad Form to MailChimp List
  8. Link the fields from your Lead Ad Form to those in MailChimp
  9. Save Form.

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