How to set up your Mailchimp Autoresponder

How to set up your Mailchimp Autoresponder?  This is a question I am asked frequently, so here are my step-by-step instructions.

Firstly, to set up an Autoresponder account in Mailchimp, it must be paid account.  The free account doesn’t give you access to this function.

1.  Click Automation tab

2.  Click on ‘Create Automation Workflow’ button (located at the top right hand corner).

3.  Which list do you want to use?  Click the drop down menu and select your mailing list that subscribers will be added to.

4.  Select the type of ‘workflow’ you are creating.  Eg: A welcome email to those signing up to this list.  Or for an ‘auto responder series’ you want to select either Educate subscribers or Custom (Custom is used when you are incorporating triggers in your email series).


MC 1

For this exercise, I am selecting Education Series.

5.  Give your Workflow a name.  It may be “Autoresponder #1 (Welcome)”  – so you can clearly identify what it is when browsing your automation list.

6.  Configure Trigger, select what will trigger the email to send.  Eg: ‘Add segmentation conditions’

MC 5

Important Note: You need to make sure you add the date it will take effect from.  Otherwise it won’t work.

7.  You can then design your email content that recipients will receive.

8.  Once completed, then you click ‘Start Workflow’

I would then recommend doing a couple of test runs with a few colleagues or friends to ensure it’s running correctly.

I hope this help you, and if you get stuck or have any questions please feel free to contact me.


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