Managing your MailChimp multiple opt-ins

If you are using several different types of opt-ins to grow your mailing list, here is the best method for you to do this.

Create your master mailing list. This will be the list you use to send out your newsletters to. Once you have done this, create groups within this list. I would recommend create this by the types of opt-ins you’ve created so you can know where the source was.

Here are instructions on setting up your groups. Click here.

Create your master or main opt-in, make sure this is one you don’t change as frequently.

Here are the instructions for the FREE version of a 1 email confirmation. Click here.

For a series of emails call a workflow, you need the paid version of MailChimp.  Click here for the instructions.

Now you want to create an automation workflow. The benefit it allows you to run multiple workflows going to various list. YOU DO NOT want to create various workflows going to the SAME list because it means EVERYONE who signs up with receive ALL the workflows.

Unfortunately, you can NOT run various opt-ins going to the same mailing list, as it will not work and will completely confused the system.

So you now are creating a new product for your target audience to sign up to. You will need to create a new list, then do the above for your email series.

When you want to create a newsletter, you will need to copy those people across from your various list. Here are the instructions.

It is up to you if you want to delete them from the original list you’re copying them from or not.

Some factors to keep in mind:

  1. Keeping everyone on a master list, enables you to avoid paying twice for one person on your mailing list. If you have merged them across to the main list and added them to the set up group they came from, you will be able to email campaigns to those specific people from the main list.
  2. If you move your audience all to one master list, and they unsubscribe from that list, you no longer have them. If you keep them on both list, if they unsubscribe they are only unsubscribing from the list you emailed them from. This has pros and cons. I personally think you should bring them across, because if they are choosing to unsubscribe, it general means from everything. HOWEVER, you can also add to your master list the frequency they may wish to receive newsletters to reduce the risk of unsubscribing.


MailChimp also have the workflow option that if someone does subscribe, you can send them a workflow, this could be an opportunity to ask them if they wish to be on one of the others list for whatever reasons you elect.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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