Meet Julie Parker from Beautiful You Coaching Academy

I can not wait to introduce you to this amazing lady.  Through her beautiful academy we see the transformation of amazing life coaches.  I have had the pleasure of attending events where she has been Master of Ceremonies, and she is captivating.  I welcome to ‘She’s all that and more’ interview segment, the driving force behind Beautiful You Coaching Academy, Julie Parker.

In your business what has been your biggest highlight to date, one that you are most proud off?

This is so hard to answer as I feel so proud and privileged to run my own business and do what I do every single day. If I had to be squeezed to choose one, I would say it would be being invited to give a TEDx Talk on the power of self and self-compassion in our lives.

It was a challenging, heart opening, terrifying but also absolutely wonderful experience.

Here is Julie’s talk for those, like me, just went what? I missed it.  TedX Talk

Night of dancing or relaxing with a great movie?

Many moons ago I would have said dancing. And while I still love to dance – nowadays it would most definitely be the movie. I think that just made me sound terribly old!

What has been your funniest business blunder that you love to tell people about?

Only very recently I sent a private facebook message to what I thought was a friend – but was actually a student in one of my life coaching courses.  I was incredibly excited about something and let loose a few choice words!

The student replied saying she was so thrilled for me and it was only then I realised the mistake I had made. I was more than a little embarrassed but she was great about it. The sign of a good life coach to be I think!

I’m a shoeaholic, yes I have over 100 pairs of shoes….it’s a good thing there are 365 days in the year so I can wear them all.  What are your most treasured shoes and why?

Oooh this is a hard one for me as I am not a shoeaholic at all. Shoes and I are not friends actually and as much as I love to look at them, I avoid fancy high heeled shoes with a vengeance. Talk to me about handbags though – and it’s a whole other story…

I do have a pair of pink patent Mary Jane’s that I love and cannot get rid of, even though they have a very high heel and I can’t wear them. I saw them drastically reduced in a cute little shop and they were a total impulse buy. I’ve worn them once – nearly died – but loved the compliments they got. I just can’t bring myself to throw them out or give them away!

Any big surprises are coming up for Beautifully You Coaching Academy?

Next year we are moving our course to be fully online which means that people can study with us from anywhere in the world. It’s incredibly exciting and something that people have been asking for from afar as Canada to Croatia. I can’t wait!

 Who is your all time favourite Actress / Actor, and why? (and yes you can have more than one)

Meryl Streep. Fiercely intelligent, gifted, giving, and so magnetic. Every time I see her interviewed or speak I am incredibly drawn to her.

My favourite movie is ‘Out of Africa.’ Meryl in her prime, Robert Redford, Africa, romance, drama, overcoming hardships. I won’t embarrass myself by telling everyone how many times I’ve seen it but let’s just say it could be more times than I have pairs of shoes!

Do you use a virtual assistant?  If yes, what do you love most about working with them?  If not, what stops you from bringing one into your business?

Do I use a virtual assistant? Oh dear…I would not have a business if it was not for my virtual assistant.  She is truly the glue that keeps so many things in my business running.

I especially love that she is technically skilled and so when I’m ready to throw my laptop out the window – she’s there to calmly pick up the pieces. We simply couldn’t operate as a business without her.

Summer or Winter? Why?

Summer hands down. Despite growing up in the Western District of Victoria near Ballarat where it gets super cold – I have never liked or adjusted well to Winter. I much prefer a sunny day and while I don’t like when it gets outrageously hot, I’d prefer to be warmer rather than colder.

Where do you go looking for inspiration in your business?

Honestly these days I look to my life coaching students and seeing them blossom and grow their new businesses online. They are a constant source of inspiration and joy to me and while they might not realise it, I’m often scoping their websites and cheering them on from the sidelines.

I wish I had someone who had done that for me in my early days of being a coach, but it’s such a privilege for me to now be doing it for others.

Which would you most prefer to do?  A, B, C or D.

A)  Romantic dinner for 2 at fine dining restaurant

B)  Movies and popcorn, and little to no conversation

C) Pizza, couch & favourite flick

D) Cooking up 3 course gourmet meal for a big dinner party

It would be a split between A and D for me because both involve conversation. I love to be cooked for, but also cook for others, (with my husband Glenn who is much better at it than me), and when that can be combined with some sparkling conversation I’m all in.

Julie ParkerJulie is at the centre of everything that makes the heart of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy beat. One of Australia’s most experienced and in demand life coaches and business coaches, Julie’s passion for coaching is infinite and her goal with establishing the Beautiful You Coaching Academy is to ensure that every person who has ever dreamed of being an amazing life coach and having a fulfilling life coaching business – achieves that dream. Learn more about Julie, find out how to work with her and book her to speak at your next event.

When Julie is not doing all things coaching, you can find her listening to the smoothest of jazz, watching any movie with Steve Carell in it, or cuddling her excessively fluffy and very cute rescue cats, Cookie and Leo.

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