Meet Kirsten Sinclair, Business Clarity & Mindset Coach for Heart Centred Women

I’m very excited to have Kirsten Sinclair part of ‘She’s all that and more‘ interview blog series.  Not only is Kirsten a wonderful coach based in Orkney Scotland. I’ve also had the privilege of being Kirsten’s coach, those clients who get to work with Kirsten are in for an amazing journey. 

What is your business about?

I am a business clarity and mindset coach and mentor for heart centred women. I work with multi passionate women, coaches, councillors and all healing souls who dream of creating a business using their unique blend of passions, skills and experiences but are stuck behind the “how to’s” of online business. I love to work with women who are ready for action, who dream big and who are ready to work with the Universe on their side!

How long have you been in business? And what has been you’re great highlight to date?

I have been a business for 13 years and I’ve had my coaching business for 1 year. The best thing to happen in my business is definitely the connections with the people I’ve met, whether online or in real life. I LOVE chatting with my clients and fellow coaches! They are such an inspiration. I love hearing how my clients are growing and creating amazing things for themselves and how that has such a positive impact on their lives. Having a business which has led to friendships all over the world is pretty magical.

Night of dancing or relaxing with a great movie? Which & Why?

Movie! For sure! Being an island girl from the far north of Scotland, a night in beside a roaring fire with my kids tucked up in bed and my husband on the sofa beside me with a glass of wine, some lovely olives, cheese and crackers equals total BLISS!

Do you have a funniest business blunder that you love to tell?

Oh this is hard! I’m so good at erasing these things from my mind! From my ‘other’ business, as a Podiatrist, I had a patient in the clinic and we were finished her treatment. She was struggling to put her shoes on and I asked her, “Do you need a horseshoe?”, I had meant to say “shoe-horn”, I was mortified! But we were both cracking up so all was ok!

I’m a shoeaholic, yes I have over 100 pairs of shoes….it’s a good thing there are 365 days in the year so I can wear them all. What are your most treasured shoes and why?

kirsten-sinclairHmmm, probably my gorgeous tan leather boots. I found them in a charity shop, as good as new for only £6! Previously, I had never been able to find boots that fitted my thick calves but these boots fitted perfectly. I had been working really hard on my fitness and what I was eating to finally finding my dream pair of boots, which fitted me perfectly and were a total bargain was a dream come true. Love them!

Do you have any exciting things happening in your business you’d love to share with us?

I have just released my high end 12 week programme, I’m super excited about it because I KNOW it can help women to create the business and life of their dreams and get them really living their purpose and shining their light. It’s a one stop shop to get super clear about your unique blend of passions, skills and experiences and turning those into a business you love. It’s what I wish I had had years ago!

Who is your all time favourite Actress / Actor, and why? (and yes you can have more than one)

Actor, has to be Leonardo DiCaprio, he’s just SO good! I first saw him in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and he was amazing. He’s been as good in all his films. Actress is Jennifer Lawrence. I love her films, I think she is an amazing actress but I love how real she comes across in interviews too. I think she is an amazing role model.

Being a Virtual Business myself and being able to work with clients around the world from my location. Do you have your own virtual team? If yes, what is the one thing you love about them?

I don’t have a consistent team at the moment but I certainly do call on people to help me out virtually when I need it, whether that be for web design, graphic creation or something else. It’s something I plan on introducing in the near future.

What was the one key thing you needed to do to prepare yourself for bring in a virtual team member?

Realise that I a) can’t and b) don’t have to, do everything myself! There are people out there who specialise in the areas that I am not so good at and those people can help me!

Which is your favourite season?


Which would you most prefer to do?

A)  Romantic dinner for 2 at fine dining restaurant
B)  Movies and popcorn, and little to no conversation
C) Pizza, couch & favourite flick
D) Cooking up 3 course gourmet meal for a big dinner party

Pizza, couch & favourite flick

What things do you do to help you maintain a work/life balance?

Tune into myself. Ask myself what I need. If I need a break then I take it. I try to make sure to pay full attention to my kids when they are around, they are older now so it’s easier but they still need their Mum! I take regular breaks and get outside in nature, it’s nice to disconnect.  If I’m feeling overwhelmed then I know the best thing I can do is to step away. Then break it all down and work through it in baby steps.


screenshot-2016-12-07-11-10-53Kirsten is a business clarity and mindset coach and mentor for multi passionate, heart centred women. She helps them nail down their unique blend of skills, passions and experiences and then turn those into a business and life that they are completely in love with.







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