Meet Renelle Blanchette, a Lifestyle and Chakra Coach

I’m delighted to have Renelle Blanchette join us on ‘She’s all that and more. Renelle a yogipreneur, lifestyle entusiast + Reiki practitioner with a passion for chakra balancing, gratitude + meditation.


What is your business about?

I am committed to empowering + inspiring women to embark on a journey of soul-searching, chakra balancing + dream chasing. As a Lifestyle + Chakra coach, I create a partnership with women + support them on this journey. I empower them to achieve some really big goals by helping tapping into their inner compass + lean into their personal power.

How long have you been in business? And what has been you’re great highlight to date?

Since September 2016.
The highlight to date has been being able to leave my corporate job to follow my passion. This has allowed me to help others live the life they deserve.

Night of dancing or relaxing with a great movie? Which & Why?

Relaxing with a great movie! Why? Hmmm… because I love popcorn. 😉

Do you have a funniest business blunder that you love to tell?

I confuse myself with timezones all the times. Sometimes, it’s hard to me to keep track of time… It causes me problems once in a while, but it’s always ends in laughter + smiles!

I’m a shoeaholic, yes I have over 100 pairs of shoes….it’s a good thing there are 365 days in the year so I can wear them all. What are your most treasured shoes and why?

I have a pair of blue shoes with a one inch heal. I love these shoes because:
1. They add a pop of colour to my outfit (I wear a lot of black + white)!
2. They are comfy!
3. The day I bought them, I wore them out to supper + my sister ended up having to walk what seemed like a million blocks. It was summer, my feet got sweaty + my feet were stained blue for weeks!

Do you have any exciting things happening in your business you’d love to share with us?

I have some really fun Chakra Meditation Challenged coming in the New Year, which I am super excited about! These challenges help you lean into your chakras (seven energy centres) + crush some really big goals!!

Who is your all time favourite Actress / Actor, and why? (and yes you can have more than one)

Justin Timberlake. Always had a crush on the guy… (big hearts!)

Being a Virtual Business myself and being able to work with clients around the world from my location. Do you have your own virtual team? If yes, what is the one thing you love about them?

At the moment, it’s just me! I lean on some support from family with a few things, but I plan on growing my business in 2017 + working with a Virtual Assistant to help me become more efficient.  I have worked with numerous business coaches + that was done virtually.

What was the one key thing you needed to do to prepare yourself for bring in a virtual team member?

Delegating efficiently. What are my strengths + who can help me with my challenges?

Which is your favourite season?


Which would you most prefer to do?

A) Romantic dinner for 2 at fine dining restaurant
B) Movies and popcorn, and little to no conversation
C) Pizza, couch & favourite flick
D) Cooking up 3 course gourmet meal for a big dinner party

Pizza, couch & favourite flick

What things do you do to help you maintain a work/life balance?

I have a strong daily practice, or what I like to call a soul schedule. It focuses on the Mind, Body + Soul pillars of my life. Journaling, Movement + Meditation. I do a little bit in the morning + in the evening. It brings calm balance to my work + personal lives.


Renelle Blanchette is a Lifestyle + Chakra Coach, as well as Reiki practitioner.

Her own journey through the chakras has sparked a passion for helping women live the life they deserve. When she began to work on opening her chakras + digging deep inside of, she realized the strength she was looking for was always there + she began to notice huge shifts.

Renelle wants every woman in this Universe to follow her inner compass + realize the greatness of her personal power. She is committed to empowering + inspiring women to embark on a journey of soul-searching, chakra balancing + dream chasing. She is here to create a partnership with you + support you on this journey. Renelle knows just how powerful it can be to work with a coach + wants you to have this magical experience too.

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