Product Review: Visme, your online design tool

I recently had the opportunity to review and trial Visme. For those who are familiar with Canva, and like myself use it regularly for content creation from ebooks, social media posts, infographics and more. You need to also check out Visme.

Visme is a great business tool, I love the format style in which templates are presented I found it easy to work my way around the website.

The format set up for creating your content I found to be extremely user-friendly and had a better flow than that of Canva. I particularly loved the visual overview of what you can possibly create, with just fulled the creative mind, see below.

Cover content from presentations, infographics, reports/ebooks, printable, web graphics, social media, along with the additional option to create your own customised sizes.

For each area you’re clicking into more creative ideas are presented to you to help you create your masterpieces. You simply scroll to see more ideas. All features are then changeable. 


For first time users, Visme has a great step by step prompter to show you what you can do.

You have access to a free image library you can use with your content creations.

Visme like Canva as a free component. The paid version is cheaper than Canva.

I love using Visme, and highly recommend you check it out.

Some great additional articles by Visme that were extremely useful.

 Also, they have just launched an awesome feature so now you can create Infographics in minutes Not hours.
Check it out:

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