To swear or not to swear. That is the question.

Do you swear in your blogs, newsletters or social media? Are you guilty of dropping the ‘F’ bomb occasionally or all the time? Does your audience like it or cringe at it?

I was recently involved in an experiment where the campaign, blog and newsletter had a swear word in it. We all hear and know swear words but how often do people use it in their business? In the experiment a swear word was added to the titles.

What do you think the open rate was?

Would you believe it was triple the normal open rate.


Was it because their audience wanted to know what the swearing was about, as it was out of character for them?

Was it because it was talking a language they respond to?

Was it completely unrelated to the swear word at all?

So do you use swear words in your business day to day. I personally don’t, but that cause I also know my mum is reading my word and on a business note, my client don’t consider it professional (nor do I). However, that is relevant to my target audience, not necessarily yours.

With the experiment showing an increased open rate, would you consider adding it to your blog and newsletter titles?

I am on a mailing list for one businessperson who uses’ swearing like it’s going out of fashion! And I have to say, with their newsletter is absolutely swimming in swearing, particularly the F bomb. I find it really hard to read the newsletter with the amount of swearing, I find it extremely distracting from the content. Especially when it is embedded into so much of the content text. Are all these added swear words necessary? Can they provide the same content without them, and would the content make more sense to me.

I often wonder if they think they’re living life on the wild say, and swearing makes them feel adventurous!

5I once read in a Facebook post by a highly recognised professional (who has a massive following). They commented that in their blog they had used the F bomb. The result was they were bombarded with notes for her readers saying how disappointed were in the use of the language. Funnily enough, in their every day life, they are guilty of dropping it continuously but had never previously used it in their business. And from the feedback decided to not use it again. I follow this person’s work and they provide outstanding content, that I wonder if swearing was involved would it loose it’s value to me?

So do you think swearing engages your audience. For me, it would all depend on whom my target audience were, how they view the language and ensuring it wasn’t detracting from the main objective of my communication.

Have you tried using swear words in your correspondence? How was it received?

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