Why I added an attraction marketing opportunity to my business

People who create businesses are out to fulfil dreams and create a lifestyle they desire. The reality is most businesses require a lot of attention, strategies and demands more of your time than anticipated.

The ‘lifestyle’ doesn’t become the reality, and you can find yourself living to work. Not working to live.

Sound familiar?

I started my business with a desire to fulfil a dream, and providing for my family. I wanted to be able to work minimal hours, and be able to more of the fun things my family desired.

I wanted freedom for my husband to work less hours (even possibly give up working fulltime altogether) so he could have more time to explore his own passions, hobbies, and spend more time with us. I wanted more family adventures.

Running your own business, doesn’t guarantee steady income, and depending on your business there can be months when it very quiet with no income, or a very small one.

Coming up with creative ideas to raise revenue can be fun and hard work, but most often requires funds. Which may not always have readily available.

Which is why I decided to add on attraction marketing to my business.

I had heard attraction/affiliate marketing, but never venture into the world, because I perceived it to be hard work trying to convert the sales. I am not a salesperson. The gift of the gab wasn’t my thing. I’m a straight talker, very black and white, I cringe and can spot a mile away when some is trying to pull the wool over my eyes. One of my biggest turn offs.

I saw a post a friend had on Facebook had about the money she was making and it was all being driven from using a 90% automated platform.

I was very curious. 90% automated? Tell me more.

After exploring further, I decided to give it a try. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but gosh. I wasn’t expecting the changes I’ve been experiencing, it has been truly amazing.

Allow me to tell you a bit about it, it is

  • using a 90% automatedplatform
  • no hard sellingto family and friends
  • you are encouraged to be authentically you
  • you receive full training
  • you have ongoing never ending supportand encouragement
  • you get to attend mastermindevents
  • there are regular check-insto see how you’re going and to keep you learning and growing.
  • AND, it pays high endcommissions.

My favourite part is the community.

Connecting with like-minded people, constantly being encouraged and inspired to be the best version of myself. Seeing the changes, they’re making in their own lives. Being able walk that same path.

Honestly, if have a social media account. And who doesn’t these days, then you too can take on this opportunity.

You want earn extra cash whilst working full time to achieve dreams faster, you may be a mum or dad wanting to start that business and work from anywhere, you could be in business and wanting to shift things around to be more favourable for you (less hours, more money, better work/life balance).

Whatever it is, this opportunity can open those doors.

My journey started hereSimply watch this introductory video, and then if you really want to explore it in more detail, then do yourself a favour and step forward to do the 14-day money back guaranteed trial. It’s the best part. That’s what I did, with the intention of learning what I could and then hopping out.

But guess what. It felt so aligned to me, and I never left.

I am so thankful and grateful for this opportunity.

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Anne Clark, a Virtual Assistant and online strategist. Anne guides and supports business women in their online content management (websites, social media, newsletters and blogging), and is a MailChimp and Evernote expert. Anne, is an owner of multiple businesses, and a mother of 3 young children knows too well the importance of being able to seamlessly manage and maintain a business and life. Anne is so excited to be able to combine her business expertise and life coaching skills to work with her clients to get the results they desire.

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